petitegirlproblems: “TINY”


I had an interview yesterday for an Apple retail job. It was actually a lot of fun and I learned a lot more than I thought I would about Apple. With over 50 applicants it was pretty intimidating but they split us up into 2 different rooms to make interviewing a bit easier. In the room of 20 applicants I was in, I was 1 of 3 girls in the room. Weird especially coming from a company like J.Crew where everyone I work with is either a woman or a gay man, but it was kind of refreshing in itself representing a different business environment. 

The first person I started talking to was one of the other girls in the room. We started talking about our iPhones and how Mac products basically changed our lives (I swear by my MacBook and iPhone). As the managers heading the interview started to direct us to the row of seats within the room, the girl I had been talking to told me to walk in front of her as the crowds of guys rushed in to occupy seats. She strained her face as if talking to a baby, smiled at me and said, “Aw you go ahead first, honey. I don’t want you to get like, crushed or anything. You are just so tiny!” GAH. 

Okay, so yes I acknowledge I’m not the tallest 22 year old nor do I fill out the average girl’s figure (I can probably still fit kids clothes) and this girl was not at all on the small side. Yet the moment she uttered those not-so-uncommon words there were a few unorthodox thoughts that came to my mind:

1) Just because I am “tiny” does not mean I am a little baby or as fragile as a stick.

2) Promising to protect me since you are bigger than me will not make you feel better about your own weight nor make me feel better about mine.

3) If you are bigger than me (and I mean when you stand in front of me there would be enough room for two of me behind you) and you call me “tiny”, why the hell can’t I call you “HUGE”? Shouldn’t that give the same effect as when you called me “TINY”?

Mostly, my thoughts lingered on the last statement…. Why is it so taboo for calling people FAT and HUGE and OBESE (when they really are) and it’s extremely okay for to tell others that they are TINY and ITSY-BTSY and SMALL? 

It happens to me all the time with my co-workers at work. I am constantly being called “so tiny” and “itsy-btsy” and having to respond to that as if they are compliments. I don’t necessarily take them to be compliments. If you think never being able to find the right fit of jeans or a bra that fits you completely, or jackets that don’t make you look like you are being eaten by material constitutes a better body size, then you might want to reevaluate things. 

There are challenges and triumphs in being any size or shape.

I just want people to realize the effects of using both sides of these descriptive words. Society needs to understand that there is no right image or size that defines a woman.  Whether you are curvy, petite, tall, short, or in between, there is no better or worse. Greener grass does not exist on either side.