A (belated) New Year’s Resolution…

                                        happy new year

Resolved: To succeed.  

2012 is starting off swimmingly….I’ve just gotten a great long-term temp job at a high end jewelry brand doing communications and training. I’m excited to begin something that is interesting and unique and a position from which I can improve and broaden my skills. This first week at work felt weird after not using my brain for so long (especially doing nonsense work like retail) but I was so ready for the immediate change. My body and mind must have also been awaiting the day I’d return to “real” work because the first day of my new job, I was up at 6am ready to conquer New York City without even feeling a hint of lethargy. I hope this energy of mine is long-lived.

While landing this new job is great and promising, it doesn’t mean I’m still not searching for more permanent positions. We will see what the new year holds. I’m starting 2012 off by being optimistic about the job market and the opportunity the future holds for me and I will not give up on doing my best. I know I have the power and the skills to succeed, I just need to continue to showcase them and put them to good use.