post grad life

in the rain, we all collide

New York City in the rain is one of my least favorite things. I’m not saying the city isn’t beautiful in the rain, because of course I think so.

I’m saying the whole business of walking around this metropolis, navigating with an umbrella-appendage is bothersome. On a day like today, stumbling around the streets of New York with a nausea of humidity and moisture among the billions of other workminded folk, it’s a bit awkward.

It feels like being in the sea, one insignificant fish flitting among the flow and eb of the avenues trying to find my way, the number of umbrellas floating endlessly like a crowd of colorful, water-repellent jellyfish.

There’s nowhere to turn without bumping into another person or raising your umbrella so as to not smack anyone on the head. As a shorter person, it’s not unusual to feel the drip of the rain runoff from someone else’s umbrella.

But somehow, the annoyance of it all, being forced into a obligatory reef of likeminded commuters and playing umbrella bumper tag before work while skipping around dirty ankle-high sewage water makes me realize that we are all in this same big world together and no matter where we’re going or who we may look like, we are all alike; colliding through life one puddle at a time.


i can’t even determine my salary yet for my sort-of-over-minimum wage part-time job…

Me: Hi, I just received an email saying that I need to update my graduation status and employment information in order to update my credit.
Lady from credit card company: Ok, great! So have you graduated from school yet?
Me: Yes.
Lady from credit card company: And when did you graduate?
Me: In May.
Lady from credit card company: Well, congratulations!!
Me: Thanks.
Lady from credit card company: And are you currently employed?
Me: Um, yes…a part-time retail job.
Lady from credit card company: And how much is your salary?
Me: Uhhh….I don’t know….
Lady from credit card company: Well, do you have an estimate?
Me: ….um…no, not really…i…um…well…
—awkward silence—
Lady from credit card company: ….Ok well how about you call back when you have a better idea and you can update it then! Ok?
Me: oh. right. ok thanks.

Summer Nostalgia

Freaks and Geeksmy so called life

I’m trying to be more positive everyday and I think it’s working. Some opportunities have creeped in slowly and I’m grateful things are picking up.

I don’t know why I’ve been watching old 90s tv shows about high school and teenagers but I’ve been watching episodes of my old favorites, “My So-Called Life” and “Freaks and Geeks” whenever I can. There’s something about summer time that makes me feel nostalgic for high school, or now, school in general but after watching these shows as an recent college grad and self-proclaimed “real” non-student, I’ve been noticing so many things I never had before. The themes of these shows were so real, relatable, and even educational in so many ways that teenage shows nowadays can never be. It is sad how shows today are not as deep as T.V. used to be in the 80s or 90s. Maybe I’m at the stage in my life again where I’m feeling depressed or down on a regular basis, maybe I’m feeling like a overly emotional high schooler again. Either way, I feel as though I can still relate to these shows and that they are even giving me some words of wisdom, as weird as that may sound…

In the the Pilot episode of the “Freaks and Geeks”, the main character, Lindsey (Linda Cardellini) is your average high school teenager who decides to change her attitude, friends, and her school life after her grandmother dies. When Lindsey is forced by her father to go to the homecoming dance, she is extremely upset and annoyed, feeling as though she is experiencing the worst possible punishment in her post-pubescent life. Her guidance counselor, the calm, long haired, hippie-esque, Mr. Ross sheds some light on the situation when approaching Lindsey at the dance, ”If the worst thing in your life is somebody making you go to a dance, then I’d say you have a pretty good life.” 

Mr. Ross’s words not only comment on Lindsey situation but seems to permeate to life in general. For me, all the little things I’ve experienced and worried about don’t seem so bad. So what if I still don’t have a solid job or a regular paycheck? Never again will I have this much free time to reflect on my interests, learn more about careers, spend time with family and friends, travel, or pick up hobbies like playing the guitar or dance. Never again will I have a life without a 9 to 5 job or adult responsibilities like paying rent or commuting to work. My opportunities are endless right now even if it seems like there is nothing in the here and now. 

I’m beginning to realize that even if I’m forced to reconcile that I now must live a post-grad life, it’s still a pretty good life to be living. 

“If you do something for me, I’ll do something for you…”


I had an interview today for an unpaid, virtual intern position with a fashion consulting company. I was actually contacted for it by the company’s owner and later, I learned, the only employee, on a great website I discovered called Urban Interns (check it out if you haven’t! lots of great possibilities, not just internships, in many cities). The description for the position (a Social Media and Marketing intern) seemed interesting and like it could be a good experience for me. 

The building was actually pretty classy but this company’s office consisted only one small office “suite” within the entire building with not even a sign on the door. I showed up on time for the interview and was prepared though a little uneasy about the unpaid aspect of the position…but the lady (let’s call her N) who interviewed me was all kinds of crazy. Dressed in a tank top, shorts, and extremely high heels (she said this was “business casual” for her) she led me to the office building’s conference room. 

As N is interviewing me, I knew I would not want to work there. Basically she told me she does “anything to make a sale” and told me right out that she lies and cheats.She told me that about a past intern that she had who worked there for about 3 months and now has a job in a marketing firm. N explained how she wrote a reference letter for the intern, “She worked here for 3 months, so I wrote that she had worked here for 6 months. You help me out, I help you out. If you work here for 3 months, I’ll say you worked here for 6 months, if you work here for 6months, I’ll say you worked here for 1 year…” WHATT?! I could not believe what I was hearing.

I know there are a lot of sneaky people in the business industry, I have never had anyone tell me about their sneakiness in an interview before. Basically, the interview kept on like this, and by the end I knew it would not be the right fit for me. I’m glad I did it anyway for more interview experience and because now I know about all the crazies out there looking for free work…

Not all the employers on Urban Interns are crazy, I think it’s a pretty cool site where you can post your resume and what kind of jobs/internships you are looking for, and you can search for positions or employers can search for you. It’s easy and effective so why not try it?

Day 34: Still the same

I guess when you move back home for the summer after 4 years of living away at college, the little things in life begin to constitute the funny events of post grad life.

I went to the library the other day to pick up some books and movies since I figured besides from applying to jobs, I’ll have time for some quality reading and movie-watching. The librarian, who’ve I’ve known all my life (but who clearly didn’t recognize me) smiled at me and said “Wow looks like you’ve got an exciting summer ahead of you, missy. Starting early on a school summer reading list?” I guess he must’ve been talking about my large stack of books and the couple dvd’s I had chosen… Sarcasm or seriousness? I get the “you-look-really-young” thing all the time. Either way, I didn’t know whether to joke with him or just go along with it because honestly, I do have a lot of time on my hands this summer… 

But then again, recently at a dinner party a family friend of mine congratulated me on graduating from high school upon which I almost spit out my blueberry mojito on him. 

In other news, the small local grocery store in my town, the same one that has been there since I was six, changed it’s name twice and where everyone knows everyone’s business still plays my favorite Spice Girls songs. I was really excited.