in the rain, we all collide

New York City in the rain is one of my least favorite things. I’m not saying the city isn’t beautiful in the rain, because of course I think so.

I’m saying the whole business of walking around this metropolis, navigating with an umbrella-appendage is bothersome. On a day like today, stumbling around the streets of New York with a nausea of humidity and moisture among the billions of other workminded folk, it’s a bit awkward.

It feels like being in the sea, one insignificant fish flitting among the flow and eb of the avenues trying to find my way, the number of umbrellas floating endlessly like a crowd of colorful, water-repellent jellyfish.

There’s nowhere to turn without bumping into another person or raising your umbrella so as to not smack anyone on the head. As a shorter person, it’s not unusual to feel the drip of the rain runoff from someone else’s umbrella.

But somehow, the annoyance of it all, being forced into a obligatory reef of likeminded commuters and playing umbrella bumper tag before work while skipping around dirty ankle-high sewage water makes me realize that we are all in this same big world together and no matter where we’re going or who we may look like, we are all alike; colliding through life one puddle at a time.


Half a year out…and I still won’t be ready!


After a jam-packed day of commuting into the city, having a great interview, going out to lunch in 99 degree weather with friends, commuting back home, and then crawling to my babysitting job, I was finally able to sit down and check my e-mail.

I recently received a “Half-Year Out” Reunion save the date invite from my college class for next October. Wait, what?

Yes, my lovely institution is already planning to celebrate the Class of 2011 being out of college for a half-year next October. My only reaction to this email was, “I will not be ready by next October.” Then my second reaction was, “Is this like some kind of subliminal message via save-the-date alerting me and my peers to get their lives together by October or return to school without any success stories?”

The event (held at the on-campus bar) claims the Class of 2011 will “Reunite with friends. Enjoy fireworks on the Green. Taste local beer and fall treats at the alumni tent…”

Even though I have been getting some interviews and I’m applying to jobs every single second of my day, I still know an event like this irks me. What would I have to talk about after a half-year out of school? Would I be sitting uncomfortably amongst my friends and acquaintances not being able to say anything for my uninteresting post-grad summer and slow job search? Or would everyone else be like me, muddling through their own post-grad experiences? Would the people who go back be the ones who are still living in their college pasts AND unemployed?

I pondered the reunion some more and thought maybe it wouldn’t be too bad. Maybe my college really is just trying to woo their former students back with free beer in the campus bar, trying to instill loving memories of college fun with friends. Or the college is expecting people will come back to campus chasing that ever-fleeting feeling to be back in college only to have their hopes crushed. Drinking at the campus bar, joking with friends, and not worrying about life in the real world. Those people will probably be heavily disappointed when they have to leave campus, take the train home, go back into their parents’ home and go to bed before midnight. 

Either way, I’m still not sure how I feel about celebrating my half-year out of college and would much rather appreciate a two-year college reunion instead. But free beer? Fireworks on the Green? Free college promotional gifts? Tempting. Oh so tempting. 

Once an undergrad, always an undergrad?