DVDs of the week Part 1!

I’ve been frequenting my local public library since I figure it’s the one true form of free entertainment left in America. I’m probably the only one my age in this town who goes to the library anymore or who still remembers where they’ve kept their library card all these years (mine is always in my wallet). Even though i’ve been confused as a high school (I guess I always will) a few times and I probably could play the role, I think it’s pretty smart to utilize all the free books and movies that pretty much just sits around my town’s library since everyone else is too caught up in consumerism to understand the words “free” and “borrowing”. Ok, so not your typical Halloween flicks but here are the movies I recently rented:

It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown!  What better way to get into the Halloween spirit than this classic Charlie Brown flick. My favorite part is when the kids go trick or treating and all the kids reveal the great candy they’ve collected while Charlie Brown keeps getting a rock. classic fail.

Love & Other Drugs  I remember I was dying to see this movie back when it was in theaters (mainly so I could see if it really was a clone of my fav “No Strings Attached” but I never did get around to it. After watching the DVD i’m glad I didn’t pay that $14 ticket price, because this movie was pretty awful. And long. 

Annie Hall   Classic Woody Allen film which I’d been meaning to see. Now I know why generations have raved about this movie. Diane Keaton was amazing and Allen was hilarious. I would love to steal all of Annie Hall’s outfits from this film.

Funny Face  Watched it with my friends in college and remembered that I hated it (probably the first Audrey Hepburn movie I hadn’t liked) so I wanted to give it another try. Never got around to it but I’ll watch it sometime again!

Whip It  I loved this movie! Small town girl bored with her life, wanting to do something big and make something of herself….it was funny, heartbreaking and inspiring. The acting is absolutely memorable. I’d recommend this!


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