“If you do something for me, I’ll do something for you…”


I had an interview today for an unpaid, virtual intern position with a fashion consulting company. I was actually contacted for it by the company’s owner and later, I learned, the only employee, on a great website I discovered called Urban Interns (check it out if you haven’t! lots of great possibilities, not just internships, in many cities). The description for the position (a Social Media and Marketing intern) seemed interesting and like it could be a good experience for me. 

The building was actually pretty classy but this company’s office consisted only one small office “suite” within the entire building with not even a sign on the door. I showed up on time for the interview and was prepared though a little uneasy about the unpaid aspect of the position…but the lady (let’s call her N) who interviewed me was all kinds of crazy. Dressed in a tank top, shorts, and extremely high heels (she said this was “business casual” for her) she led me to the office building’s conference room. 

As N is interviewing me, I knew I would not want to work there. Basically she told me she does “anything to make a sale” and told me right out that she lies and cheats.She told me that about a past intern that she had who worked there for about 3 months and now has a job in a marketing firm. N explained how she wrote a reference letter for the intern, “She worked here for 3 months, so I wrote that she had worked here for 6 months. You help me out, I help you out. If you work here for 3 months, I’ll say you worked here for 6 months, if you work here for 6months, I’ll say you worked here for 1 year…” WHATT?! I could not believe what I was hearing.

I know there are a lot of sneaky people in the business industry, I have never had anyone tell me about their sneakiness in an interview before. Basically, the interview kept on like this, and by the end I knew it would not be the right fit for me. I’m glad I did it anyway for more interview experience and because now I know about all the crazies out there looking for free work…

Not all the employers on Urban Interns are crazy, I think it’s a pretty cool site where you can post your resume and what kind of jobs/internships you are looking for, and you can search for positions or employers can search for you. It’s easy and effective so why not try it?


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