Day 34: Still the same

I guess when you move back home for the summer after 4 years of living away at college, the little things in life begin to constitute the funny events of post grad life.

I went to the library the other day to pick up some books and movies since I figured besides from applying to jobs, I’ll have time for some quality reading and movie-watching. The librarian, who’ve I’ve known all my life (but who clearly didn’t recognize me) smiled at me and said “Wow looks like you’ve got an exciting summer ahead of you, missy. Starting early on a school summer reading list?” I guess he must’ve been talking about my large stack of books and the couple dvd’s I had chosen… Sarcasm or seriousness? I get the “you-look-really-young” thing all the time. Either way, I didn’t know whether to joke with him or just go along with it because honestly, I do have a lot of time on my hands this summer… 

But then again, recently at a dinner party a family friend of mine congratulated me on graduating from high school upon which I almost spit out my blueberry mojito on him. 

In other news, the small local grocery store in my town, the same one that has been there since I was six, changed it’s name twice and where everyone knows everyone’s business still plays my favorite Spice Girls songs. I was really excited.


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